Above and Beyond Popularity: A Social Media Tool You’ve Always Needed

Social Media Tool

There have always been different caveats to making sure our socials did what they were supposed to do, be it something routine like updating an online shop or updating posts about existing services that we’ve put up for sale. Luckily, technology is on our side as there hasn’t been a better time for innovation to step up and bless us with these digital tools.

Suppose you are anyone who has been up to date in the past decade with social media and has a foot in the door when it comes to online marketing, business and has any commercial intent on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In that case, this is a tool you should be using.

Word Count Tool

Social Media Tool

This online innovation is a combination of different tools that help users manage their posts to become more engaging and attractive to viewers. While all of this is done at the convenience of your web browser, accessing it may be difficult for people who don’t have internet access. Still, given that it is also 100% free, that’s a compromised user can live with.

Character Counter – What Is it?

The tool is basically what you’ve always wanted in making your posts more engaging, efficient, and can even help make a page or profile with how it is used. The tool is basically used for the purpose of being a character counter and a helping hand to manage your social media posts becoming too wordy and out of context.

The Character Counter is one of the many features of the Word Count Tool and is a hundred percent free to use without any hidden subscription fees or monetary attachments. The best things in life are free. Let’s take a gander at what this nifty little gem can do for you.

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Why Does It Matter?

Social Media Tool

With the turn of the decade, online users have a literal explosion on multiple platforms with concurrent online users reaching the billions on heavyweights such as Facebook. A third of the population is online at any given time, and that’s already saying a lot about our generation’s technological direction.

The humble beginnings of social media started in the early 2000s, and at that point, everything was still a considerable mess online. Most people have to blindly manage their posts to be eye-catching using wordy paragraphs and walls of text that no one in their right mind has the time to read.

Today, there are numerous ways to make sure that our posts are efficient, effective, and streamlined for perfection in others’ eyes. The Character Counter Tool will be the difference between an online shop getting zero popularity to getting thousands of followers on Instagram.

How Does It Work?

Social Media Tool

The Character Counter is easily one of the more user-friendly tools of the group, and it goes without saying that when you first get to use it, you can cowboy your way into its features without fear of doing something wrong. The ease of access makes it a breeze even for the people who aren’t that technology-savvy.

The best way to use it is in conjunction with a grammar checker like Grammarly, Ginger, or LanguageTool. Whatever crowd you’re targeting or reception you want your post to have, proper grammar will always increase your chances of getting noticed.

Suppose you’ve gone and made your post as engaging and as grammatically correct. In that case, you can now proceed to copy and paste it on the Character Counter Tool to see if it is within the character limit of the three leading platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, respectively.

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Ideal Character Count: Less Is More!

Social Media Tool

Sometimes, people find it tempting to make their posts lengthier than they should be, and this is a bad habit because nothing is worse than a good position getting disregarded and not given a chance just because it was too wordy. The tool’s use is to help us avoid this incident.

In this generation, we live in an era where time is priceless, and it is of the essence that we make sure that we use ours wisely and as efficiently as possible. Nobody has time to sit back and read a 2,000 character long Facebook post about someone’s cat jumping out of the window.

Twitter is one of the places we spend most of our time tweeting about literally anything and everything. Still, if you use your account for something other than personal use, then it would be in your best interest to keep your count to about 71-100 characters. That is generally the sweet spot for most users unless you want to be specific about something.

Instagram has a caption character limit of 2,200, and that number is mind-blowing when you consider that most people don’t even reach that limit. Different types of accounts cater to various readers, so a two thousand character limit isn’t a big deal when you think about it. The ideal count for Instagram is 138-150 characters.


Social Media Tool

We can never really predict how much success our posts will have on social media. However, by studying user habits, using a bit of Psychology, and the Character Counter Tool’s help, we can make our lives a little easier and our online presence more noticeable.

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Nothing beats getting assistance in the form of a user-friendly interface, straight to the point and free. The road to popularity on social media has never been more challenging, and we should acquire all the help we can get if we’re serious about making our profiles stand out among the rest.


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