All About an Intellectual Property Complaint on Amazon

Amazon is very vigilant about customer satisfaction, if it finds out that Amazon is being used to sell first copy products under the façade of them being real, it would take no time in issuing actions against the wrongdoer. However, this tendency of Amazon is often exploited by the big brands and other miscreants. They accuse sellers falsely of infringing the IPR.

This leads to Amazon suspending the account of the seller even though he was at no fault. The spiteful actions are some of the toxic traits of the market. If your account is being suspended by Amazon, you must consider reaching out to Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services. They develop the best Amazon POA in false IPR violation complaints.

What Is Intellectual Property?


In simple terms, any new non-obvious creation by someone who has some practical use that is not against the law can be termed as intellectual property. The creator is called the owner of the intellectual property and he has a set of rights called the Intellectual property rights. These rights extend to the isolation of the use without permissions, power to sue upon misuse, etc.

Intellectual property is of three types-

Trademarks– This consists of the symbol, logo, marks, or name which can be used to relate the source of any product to a particular company. A subtle concept under a trademark is the trade dress, which is the design of the product that makes it unique.

Copyrights– This is that branch of IPR which covers the authorship of works such as books, music, etc.

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Patents– The ownership of the inventions falls under the category of patents.

What Are IPR Complaints?

Oftentimes, it happens that some seller starts to sell someone else’s Intellectual Property on amazon under his name. this action is essentially in violation of the intellectual property rights of the real owner of the product. Now, these products can be authentic or they can be spurious. Amazon does not analyze the infringement cases unless it is brought into its notice.

After being brought into the light, the listings will be removed and the account of the holder will be suspended with little or no inquiry on the veracity of the complaint. This gives rise to the misuse of complaints where sellers essentially file fake complaints to take out the competition from the market.

How to Get Rid of Them?


To steer clear of such issues, you must take sufficient preventive steps. Your foremost priority before selling on Amazon must be to register the intellectual property. This is going to save you in the longer run. However, if you face an Intellectual property complaint now, the first thing that you must be doing is to contact the seller who has raised the issue.

The best way to deal with frivolous complaints is to raise a voice against them. You will additionally be required to prove your innocence which can be easily done by the past invoices which evince that you had purchased the product from an authorized vendor and thus you haven’t caused any intellectual property right violation.

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Intellectual property rights issues on Amazon are annoying. You are often caught by no fault of your own, having a definite plan of action works best in such situations.


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