Genuine Amazon Activities That All Sellers Should Follow To Avoid Account Suspension


If you are a merchant on Amazon, one thing you want to always avoid is getting suspended. However, if you are facing suspension right now, you are not alone. Many genuine Amazon sellers are facing the same problem. Amazon is very strict with its suspension rules and you might have to face Amazon upfront even at the slightest deviation from its rules.

Amazon always puts customer service at the forefront and you must ensure that you make that your priority too. In this article, we will discuss some tips that you can follow to avoid getting suspended from selling on Amazon.

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Tips to follow to avoid account suspension


Prevention is better as getting the account reinstated is a tricky process and it will waste your time and money.

Therefore, you should be careful while handling your Amazon account in the following areas:

Keep track of the quality of your products:

  • Ensure that all your products are received in good condition.
  • They are not damaged or stained.
  • There should not be any missing product or product parts.
  • You should not sell replica under a brand name.
  • Do not sell prohibited items.
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Treat your customers with dignity:

  • Respond politely and timely to the inquiries of customers on your product page.
  • Keep a track of customer feedback and always ensure that you work on improving their experience.

Avoid getting negative feedback from customers:

  • Work proactively to provide good customer service.
  • Ensure that all your feedbacks are organic and not manipulated in any case.
  • Even if you have received negative feedback, give polite replies to the customer to assure them that you are working to rectify the issue.

Follow an honest approach:

  • Mention the description of your products in the most transparent manner.
  • If any item is used, do not forget to mention this in its description.
  • Mention all the product parts that would be sent with the original product.
  • Do not use brand names on replica products. Respect the expectations of your customers and give them clear and genuine information.


Track your metrics:

  • Keeping track of metrics is important if you want to safe gourd your Amazon account.
  • Keep the order defect rate and negative feedback rate to less than 1% and 5% respectively.
  • Avoid late shipments and canceled orders.

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In case of suspensions, let the professionals handle your case. They know how to handle communications politely and what documents they will need to present as proof of your authenticity. Frequently answer the queries of your customers and focus on quality to ensure that customers always return with positive feedback.


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