Amazon Appeal Service Against Your Account Suspension

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It is not a piece of cake for anyone to keep an unchaste Amazon seller account. Management of business takes time and effort, which most people are not able to invest. If you fail to ensure that your Amazon account is in alignment with the policies of amazon, you might risk getting a suspension for your account.

If you have received an Amazon seller account suspension for the first time, you might be flustered as to what should you do. Here is what you should do, get in contact with Amazon’s appeal services provider. Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services is one of the best Amazon appeal service providers in the market.


Their experienced team and their vast connections ensure that your Amazon seller account is reinstated within 24-48 hours of the suspension. Their team of in-house counsel and 24*7 customer service is available to help you at any given point of your seller journey.

Amazon Account Suspension


It is common for Amazon to suspend the sellers’ accounts. These suspensions may last till days or even months depending on how many times your account has been suspended and what quality of appeal have you filed. These suspensions deliver a hard blow on your earnings.

  • To steer clear of suspensions, you must first know the reason for such suspensions-
  • Multiple accounts belonging to the same person.
  • Listing that stands against the Amazon guidelines.
  • A seller advertising his own e-comm website on Amazon.
  • Inauthentic listing.
  • Counterfeit listing.
  • Expired items.
  • Selling used products.
  • Selling prohibited items.
  • Order defect rate too high.
  • High negative customer experience rating, etc.
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Appealing Against Amazon Account Suspension

The right plan of action might work wonders for your account. Multiple things must be considered during laying down the blueprint of the solution to the problem. You must start off with the information which Amazon requires to consider the reinstatement of the Amazon account.

These considerations are:


  • The root cause of the issue.
  • Your plan of action for solving the problem.
  • How would you prevent similar even from repeating in the future?

The most difficult part is to find the contention which has caused the suspension. This must be followed by a plan of action. After you have appealed, the Amazon Performance team will be analyzing your action plan. This will determine whether you will get the seller account back or not. Thus, you must put all relevant documents to corroborate your appeal.

  • Elements of an Ideal Appeal – An ideal appeal consists of the following elements:
  • Crispness– the plan of action which you propose must be crisp, practical, and effective.
  • Explanation of issues– the root cause of the suspension must be reflected in your appeal.
  • Evidence– Unless you attest evidence which backs your claims, your appeal would be sterile and banal. It is also advisable that you highlight the key details such as the ASINs, details of your original supplier, etc.



Amazon suspending the seller accounts is mostly inevitable. It is just a matter of when does your chance comes. When it does, you must be strategic in approach. A correct pattern of thinking along with the right plan of action is the key to reinstating the status of your account.

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