Amazon’s Feedback Impact and Guidelines for Removal


Amazon’s feedback rates the seller’s performance on a scale of 1 to 5. Amazon shoppers gain a lot of things about past customers’ buying experience, especially shipping, packaging, and customer services. The buyers can submit a single feedback per order within 90 days after the delivery. Feedbacks display in a percentage and star rating format on Amazon.

How does feedback impact Amazon sellers?

Amazon policies and guidelines are strict but it is for the betterment of customer experience to make them come back. If a seller is unable to offer the great shopping experience that Amazon expects then their account can get suspended. Feedback is a great way of evaluating buyers’ experience with the seller. Feedback can impact sellers in the following way –

Affect ‘Buy Box’ wins

The Buy Box winner is ranked high and will make more sales. In Amazon’s Buy Box set of rules, feedback is a primary metric for determining order defect rate. More positive feedback than your competitors can help Amazon rank you high when customers purchase products via the Buy Box section.


Choose ‘other sellers on Amazon’

If the buyers don’t use the Buy Box section then they will opt for ‘Other Sellers on Amazon. Here they will notice your feedback rating and possibly choose a seller with the highest rating.

Impact account status

Order defect rate has to be not more than 1%. Amazon can strip your seller’s rights if this performance metric goes above the required percentage. Positive feedback is the key to protect the seller’s account.

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Gain competitive edge

Today, shoppers make use of reviews and ratings to make a buying decision. Feedback is an assessment of your reputation as a seller. Poor Amazon seller feedback will push the shopper towards your competitor, which is increasing every day.

Take feedback seriously!

Feedback removal guidelines


The negative feedback removal on Amazon can be achieved in two ways.

  1. Contact buyers and correct the situation with the hope they will eliminate the adverse feedback. Buyers can delete the rating within 60 days, after submission.
  2. Contact Amazon for incorrect feedback removal [if applicable]

YoungLanes Appeal Services have been helping Amazon sellers successfully in account suspension reinstatement, negative feedback deletion, and more. The feedback will never be removed automatically by Amazon, especially if the comment has some feedback regarding your service or a product review.

Amazon removes feedback in specific scenarios

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  • Presence of profane or obscene language.
  • Contains identifiable seller details like name, contact number, or email address.
  • Feedback is a product review and not a comment.

Feedback striking

Comments striking are possible in the following situations –

  • Amazon [FBA] fulfilled the order and the comment is associated with the delivery experience.
  • If Buy Shipping service is used to ship the order and comment explicitly mentions undelivered or delayed order.

How to request Amazon feedback removal?

Within 90 days of comment submission, the seller has to submit a feedback removal request on Amazon’s Feedback Manager. Anything beyond will be blocked. Therefore if you detect something is not according to Amazon’s feedback removal guidelines then take action without any delays.

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