Are You Aware Of A Few Dangerous and Annoying Pests Found in Oklahoma?

Dangerous and Annoying Pest

Have you ever spent your time during summer in Oklahoma? If you ever spend your time outside then you will find bugs and critters. Oklahoma is known as a home to 540+ common pests. There are a few bugs that you must avoid whether they have any stingers or jaws.

In Oklahoma, you will find 2 main creepy pests – arachnids and insects. It is not necessary to understand the difference between these 2 pests, however, it might be helpful to know about them if you want to identify what type of bug is visiting your home.

It will be helpful to you when you call any pest control Norman OK and explain to them exactly what kind of pests that you have noticed.

Dangerous and Annoying Pests

The arachnids may include ticks, spiders, and scorpions. A few creatures that are classified as arachnids have 3 body sections and 8 legs. Insects’ bodies however have only 2 sections and 6 legs. However, if you are very close enough to count their body sections and legs then perhaps you may be quite close.

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Some of the dangerous arachnids that you can find in Oklahoma are as follows:

Annoying Pests Found in Oklahoma

  • Brown recluse spider also called Fiddleback
  • Black widow spider
  • Ticks
  • Scorpions

A few dangerous flying insects in Oklahoma are:

  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Mosquitoes

A few crawling insects found in Oklahoma are:

  • American oil beetle
  • Assassin bug
  • Eastern velvet ant
  • Fire ants
  • Kissing bug

You need to contact any exterminator Norman OK if you ever notice them in your home.

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How to avoid these Oklahoma pests?

avoid these Oklahoma pests

The only way to keep your home free from bugs is to be a little proactive and take your early preventive steps. You must hire a Norman Pest Control company for a routine check and also spray your home that can help with all types of pests.

Also, carry out your regular maintenance as well. Regularly do the following:

  • Check and replace your trim
  • Regular weather stripping
  • Get rid of old limbs, dead leaves, and woodpiles
  • Fill your low spots
  • Remove standing water to prevent mosquito breeding
  • Keep your home clean
  • Avoid left out foods
  • Use strongly scented cleaners
  • Regularly remove cobwebs
  • Regularly clean out your closets and cupboards.

Are your pets at risk?

Are your pets at risk

You should also not forget about your pets while they move outside during summer. Many types of bugs and pests can be too harmful to pets as well.

A few pests like crickets, grubs, and cockroaches may cause stomach worms in case they ever ingest them. Mosquitoes can also cause heartworm in these animals and often an infestation is quite deadly to pets. An infestation of flea in the coat of your pet can cause him with tapeworms’ infestation too.

This pest list in Oklahoma is not comprehensive. There are many caterpillars e.g. those for monarch butterflies, gypsy, and asp moths that are toxic and may cause serious health issues to your outside pets. Besides, if your pets ever eat venomous ants, spiders, or scorpions then it could be quite dangerous to their health.

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