Are You Making Your Plan of Action After Suspension of Your Amazon Seller Account?

Amazon Seller

If you are one of the Amazon sellers and your account gets suspended by Amazon due to your negligence or any shortcoming, then you do not think that everything is lost. At this moment, you need to think of a certain plan of action to correct the situation.

Having made your plan of action, you need to write to Amazon to let them know about your time-bound action plan to their entire satisfaction. If you are not very sure what POA (Plan of Action) that you must take then contact Younglanes for support and they will help you to draft your Amazon POA.

Your POA must consist of the following:

Amazon Seller Account

Root cause

Amazon will like to see that you have made a deep analysis of your service and identified a few root causes that let you down.

Immediate remedy

Amazon will also like to know what immediate action have you taken to address the issue to resolve it. Amazon wants that their customer’s concerns must be immediately addressed.

Preventing future issues

Last but not the least, you need to mention the steps that you have taken so that the same problem will never occur again.

There are a few dos and don’ts that you need to follow while responding to your suspension letter obtained from Amazon.


Amazon Seller

Mention the facts

You must remain focused on the policy of Amazon and based on that you must mention all your facts about the issue.

Use bullets or numbers rather than writing long paragraphs

While responding to your suspension letter, avoid writing long paragraphs to mention various issues that you may have. You must use bullet points and numbers while replying.

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Write short introduction

Begin your letter with a short mentioning about the issue with your apology. The introduction of the letter must also show your intent to correct yourself rather than blaming.

Mention the root cause of the issue

You need to do a deep analysis for finding the root cause of the issue that has resulted in the suspension of your Amazon account. Avoid showing your ignorance about the problem.

Keep it short and sweet

Your letter should not be too long rather it should be to the point, short and crisp so that whoever will read your letter need not exert his mind to understand the content.


Amazon Seller

Click the ‘Appeal’ button immediately

Many people often start blaming almost everything rather than looking within. There is no use writing immediately without knowing the full facts and analyzing them.

Offer your comment on the Amazon process

You must rather focus on your action plan rather than making your commentary about the Amazon process, which has been made thoughtfully.

Blame the buyers

By blaming the buyers, you will create a further problem for yourself. So, you should never try to blame buyers but try to find proper solutions.

Tell stories

Avoid telling stories about your personal problem or any other issue that is beyond your control. Remain focused on the issue and its solution.



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