Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About A Twelve-Step Recovery Program

Twelve-Step Recovery Program

When it comes to fighting against substance abuse and addiction, it is normal to feel lonely. Well, believe it or not, there are millions like you who are struggling to beat their addiction. Amongst other options, the 12-step program that brings people coming from all walks of life together is a great option. Individuals suffering from all kinds of addictions and disorders can be a part of a 12-step program.

There are many centers and numerous groups that work as per the 12 steps guidelines. One such center is Genesis Recovery. If you are looking for a 12-step program in La Mesa, CA, Genesis Recovery is the place. They not only provide a faith-based platform but even have the newest evidence-based treatment options. Furthermore, their safe and nurturing environment inspires recovering individuals to actively interact with their peers and participate in group activities.

If you still are not clear and have plenty of questions running through your mind, the most frequently asked questions mentioned below will help.

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5 FAQs About A Twelve-Step Recovery Program

Twelve-Step Recovery Program

  1. What exactly is the 12 step program?

A book – Alcoholics Anonymous, was published in the year 1939. The book contained 12 guiding principles that set a course of action for recovery from addiction. These steps inculcate a new way of thinking and thereby promote sobriety. The core idea lies in the acceptance of being ‘powerless over alcohol’, and recognizing how it has made our lives unmanageable.

Members are inspired to make amendments as much as they can. They are guided to alter their attitude and reactions and by doing so, take back control over their lives.

  1. How does the program work?

There are 12 step support groups that help to recover individuals go through their recovery journey at their speed. There is one peer/sponsor assigned to every group. This individual is also a recovering addict, but has more experience and has been sober for a long time.  He/she shares his/her entire journey with group members and constantly keeps them motivated.

  1. Do you have to be religious to join the 12 step program?

No, you need not be religious or believe in God to attend 12-step program meetings. The thing is, all you need is to believe that there is a higher force that is working to make you overcome the addiction. An atheist is welcomed to the group as well.  You must believe there is a positive power (it can be your love, family, friends, nature, or simply some positive energy) that is helping you through your journey.

Twelve-Step Recovery Program

  1. Why are 12-step program group meetings held at Churches?

Well, meetings don’t need to be always held at Churches. The thing is, in most communities around the world, churches donate space for such group meetings. Usually, 12 step group meetings are even held at schools, health care centers, community centers, addiction treatment centers, etc.

  1. Does 12 step program help with aftercare?

Psychiatrists, psychologists, and addiction counselors recommend attending 12-step meetings to make sure participant stays on track. These meetings are very inspiring, and besides, being with people who are struggling just like you helps. These groups offer safety, ad support, especially during early recovery.

Lastly, just feel afraid of attending these meetings. Remember, it’s high time that you take control of your life back.


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