Association of Bipolar Disorder and Addiction – Things to Know About the Topic

Bipolar disorder is one of the many kinds of mental disorders that people suffer from as a side effect of addiction issues. It is a condition where the patients will go through severe mood swings and they keep switching back from depression and highly emotional periods, and such people will need medical attention as early as possible.

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Addiction and bipolar disorder 

Studies have shown that bipolar disorder has become just like another half of the coin with addiction as its one part. Almost 30 to 50% of patients that are screened with addiction issues will represent high comorbidity to bipolar disorder. Hence, there are no possibilities of getting to the root cause of this disorder in the first place in such patients.

Episodes of bipolar disorder 

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The patients that suffer from bipolar disorder experience the issue in four kinds of episodes. They are listed below.

  • Manic episodes 

This episode will put patients in either a cheerful or hostile mood. When you notice such a mood in your loved ones, you should immediately contact emergency medical care as this episode may last for a week.

  • Hypomanic episodes 
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Unlike the manic episodes, these hypomanic episodes will last for not more than 4 days and the severity of each episode will not be like that of the manic episodes. Hospitalization may or may not be required based on the condition of the patients.

  • Major depressive episodes 

As the name says, these episodes will make the patients feel depressed and also not interested in any kind of daily activities. This will last for more than 10 to14 days and may or may not require hospitalization.

  • Mixed episodes 

As the name says, these episodes will be the combination of all kinds of mood swings in the patients. The severity will be quite high in such episodes and will need immediate medical attention.

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Pathways leading to the association of bipolar disorder with addiction 

The pathways that can lead to the combination of bipolar disorder and addiction are determined in three ways. They are listed below.

  • Shared risk factors because of the contribution of bipolar disorder to the effects of addiction
  • Symptoms of bipolar disorder can lead the patients into the clutches of addiction
  • Using drugs can result in the development of the bipolar disorder.

Effects and symptoms of bipolar disorder 

  • Shortened attention span
  • Hyperactivity
  • Racing thoughts
  • The inflated sense in the self-confidence parameter
  • Extreme levels of talkativeness
  • Reduction in the need for sleep requirement

If you notice any or many of these symptoms in your loved ones, then it is time that you look for a rehab center that offers special care for the dual disorder diagnosis. Look through all the options and make the right call.

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