Tips for New Nigerian Bloggers to Get Started With Blogging Business

Blogging has to be a part of every individual and business because each one has something to share. If you are thinking, why create a blog then here are some good reasons. For online money-making blogs are crucial.


  • For sellers, it helps potential buyers to know your products and brands better.
  • For writers, readers discover your content.
  • For organizations, a blog helps to connect with clients.

A blog helps to gain popularity, share ideas and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Everyone can have a motive to start a blog. is Africa’s finance website launched by finance expert Cajetan Desmond. He is an entrepreneur, content writer, and blogger. The website is designed to help normal people attain their financial goals quickly. You will read essential resources like how to start a blog in Nigeria and be equipped with in-depth knowledge Nigerian new bloggers can handle the gloomy financial decisions.

The key obstacle in starting a blog is the belief that it is challenging to create, run, and maintain blogging. You will find on reading the tips given below that blogging is the easiest way to start earning money. Let’s check out the steps involved in blog creation.

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  • Choose a niche, which is crucial. You don’t desire to get bored with blogging, so pick a niche that you are familiar with and interested in. Small niche blogs draw more cash than broad ones like news.
  • Choose a platform like WordPress that is popular and well-maintained because of its millions of users. WordPress has a vital factor essential for blogging – Security. Another feature is its customization abilities that offer flexibility. Choose a free blog [] or self-hosted []. Free blogs have their limitations and cannot be controlled but self-hosted is yours.
  • Select a domain name that reflects your website’s niche. The domain name has to be nice and easy to remember.
  • Choose a web host to go active on the World Wide Web and get registered. As a beginner, choose a hosting plan that is basic because you can upgrade it anytime you want. Log in to your account and then install WordPress to create a blog.
  • Log in to the WP dashboard and start exploring. Design your blog and customize it. There is no need for coding knowledge because WordPress has many free themes. Multiple filters help to narrow the search. Choose a preferred theme and customize it.
  • Change the permalinks, which is critical for SEO. Update blog timing to match the local time.
  • Add a post to the created blog. Make sure that the post you upload has an appealing title and text before you push the Publish button. You can even add an image to the post from your computer.
  • You can use content like posts, images, or videos but ensure their quality is high. As an expert, research the topics to ensure it resolves problems of your readers. Avoid copying content because search engines can penalize your blog.
  • Promote your blog on social networks and other websites.
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Blogging knowledge is an ongoing process. It is essential for learning and growing as an authoritative blogger!


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