Buggy Safari In Tenerife – Go Slow With Kids Or A Bit Crazy In A Safe Manner!

Tenerife is one of the largest and populous among a cluster of seven islands called ‘Canary Island’. It is a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists adore Buggy trip Tenerife

that includes kayaking, snorkeling, cruising, paddling, jet-skiing, etc. The experience of the wildlife around and under the Atlantic is spectacular.

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Tourists explore Tenerife in a buggy. It is super fun on as well as off the road. The Moto buggy rentals are well-maintained and completely insured. One buggy seats 2 adults. Kids with height 1.20 m and more are allowed as a passenger.

Buggy tour in Tenerife

Forest & coastal buggy tour

The best way to explore Tenerife is by buggy. There are buggy tours designed to explore the highest peak in Spain – Mt. Teide. The buggy has to move through the forest, along the coastline, and even off-road. Every buggy trip is for 3 hours but you get to experience the most striking landscape in Tenerife. When the buggy moves along the coastline, you will see little bays hidden with marvelous and delightful views. The coastal paths ride will seem awesome!

Between sand and fun hills the buggies perform their best. The trails are safe without any dangerous declines close by. Tourists with kids can go slow or can take some ease. Vibrant groups have sufficient freedom to go crazy but safely.

The buggy tour guide offers free goggles to protect eyes from sand and dust during off-road driving.

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Teide Night tour in a buggy 

Teide night tour in a buggy is a lifetime experience, especially for young couples. The sky that you see from the Teide National Park is the clearest. Watching the sky filled with stars is an outstanding experience.

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The buggy tour guide collects you from your hotel in a minibus. Along with a small, friendly tourist group, the adventure in a buggy starts but before you turn on the ignition the tour guide will highlight all the dos and don’t you need to be aware of while driving the rental buggy for safety.

You will drive higher and higher that is 2 km over sea level. You will see the striking sunset as you drive through the volcanic topographies admiring the scenery all around. The buggy tour guide makes a couple of photo stops before reaching the highest point on the island.

Buggy tour is for people who want –

  • An adrenalin push
  • To explore new locations
  • To have fun driving a buggy
  • To have new experience [never tried driving a buggy]
  • To create an unforgettable memory with family or friends
  • To do something special with your spouse

What things to carry on a buggy tour?

  • Water and snacks
  • Jumper
  • Sports shoes
  • Driving license

Buggy Safari Tenerife

Club Canary buggy tours in Tenerife are popular and full of adventure. Professional photographers will get plenty of opportunities to capture plenty of exceptional photographs and videos of Tenerife. Buggy tours have made tourists go crazy!


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