Causes of Aircon Gas Leakage and the Dangers of Using It

Causes of Aircon Gas

Aircon (Short-form of air-conditioner) usually consists of R22 or Freon coolants. The new models of aircon use R410-A refrigerant. These coolants are nothing but chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). CFCs are harmful not only to nature, but also to human life. They come under controlled substances and hence, one need to dispose them carefully.

There are possibilities of gas leaking from the aircon. If the aircon does not cool your room properly, the evaporator coil covered in ice, etc., are the signs of aircon gas leakage. To amend the issues of aircon water leak, you may reach out to It is a trustworthy company based in Singapore. With almost 18 years of experience, they provide top-quality aircon services. They use modern equipment to address the aircon issue and ensures the smooth working of your air-conditioner. Be it general aircon service, chemical service, or any other type of service related to the air-conditioner, has it all covered for you.

Causes of Aircon Gas Leakage

Various factors may cause aircon gas leakage.

Let us learn them.

·        Corrosion:

One of the most common causes of aircon gas leakage is corrosion. It affects the aircon units, which leads to such leakage. The continuous disclosure to fluorides and chlorides present in water supplies and cleaning chemicals respectively are the major cause of such corrosion.

·        Mechanical damage of refrigerant lines:

The refrigerant lines move between the outdoor condenser coil and indoor evaporator coil, which in-result provides the cooling effect. Therefore, any damage to these refrigerant lines may lead to gas leakage.

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·        Defective Schrader valve:

Causes of Aircon Gas 3

Another reason for aircon gas leakage is damage to the seal of the Schrader valve.

·        Loose connections around controlled valve:

The aircon gas leak can happen if the links around the controlled valves are not properly connected or cleaned.


·        Poor aircon maintenance:

You need to maintain every electric item with utmost care. The same applies to your AC as well. Improper and poor management of aircon may lead to leakages and many other issues.

Dangers of Using Leaked Air-Conditioner:

·        Dangerous to human health:

When the coolant leaks, it evaporates into the gas in a very short time. This gas can cause various health issues when inhaled. If inhaled for a short period, you might face issues like nausea, asphyxiation, skin irritation and dryness, etc. However, when exposed for a long time, it may lead to many life-threatening health issues. Therefore, you should never continue using a leaking aircon.

·        Damages the air-conditioner:

Not only your health and the environment, you even damage the air-conditioner itself if you continue using it even after detecting the leakage. You put extreme pressure on the compressor, which leads to further damage to the aircon.

·        Other problems:

Causes of Aircon Gas 2

High use of electricity, curl freezing, unequal cooling, etc., are the various other issues you may face if you continue using the air-conditioner even after its leakage.

Therefore, you need to be careful and take all the necessary steps when you find out about the leaking of your aircon. In order to settle any issues related to the aircon, get in touch with You can even contact them on Twitter as well.

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