Correctly Apply Plan Of Action To Appeal For Suspended Amazon Accounts

Suspended Amazon Accounts

Millions of sellers have been suspended by Amazon which has made their business suffer. Sellers who have never been suspended and are unaware of the rules to avoid suspension are panicking. They’re trying to find a solution to get their business on Amazon. Even your account could be at risk of suspension even if you sell authentic items. If your account is suspended, you can seek the help of an advisor who can find a solution to reinstate your account.

Younglanes Amazon Appeal Service helps customers to deal with Amazon B Related Account Suspensions. They use internal contacts within Amazon Seller Performance to find the root cause of suspension. Their 24 hours’ available customer service helps in resolving all kinds of Amazon account issues. Their in-house lawyers deal with the issue directly to get your account reinstated.

Reasons for Suspension

Suspended Amazon Accounts

Your performance has dropped

Simply providing products is not the only way of staying away from the Amazon suspension list. Your product should be at par or above the competitor’s quality and with the best customer service. If you receive a lot of negative feedback for order defects, too many pre-fulfillment cancellations as well as late shipment. Amazon will remove your selling privileges.

Violated Selling Policies

Amazon is strict about its selling policies and code of conduct. If they find that the seller is selling any of their products by violating any of the policies, they will suspend your account and send a notice. Even if you’re selling a product that is listed on the restricted products page, the company will still suspend your account.

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Misrepresentation and Inauthenticity

Your account will also be suspended when you sell an unauthenticated or copied item online. If you try to set up alternate accounts when you get suspended, you will be terminated completely.

The process to Appeal Suspension

A proper plan of action helps to reinstate the account. You will have to send an email stating your plan of action. This email will be sent to the Amazon seller performance team when you get suspended. The email should include precise details. Stop using emotional or confrontational statements to make it an informal letter. There is no surety that Amazon will reestablish your account after receiving a plea letter. Thus, you need to follow a proper pattern and solution to get it reinstated.


Follow these few tips –

Suspended Amazon Accounts

  • Firstly, reach out to someone who can help you get your account reinstated. Also, focus on all the outstanding issues and try to resolve them as early as possible.
  • You should find the root cause for the suspension of the account. This helps you understand the root cause of the problem and it will also help you make amendments in your selling pattern to avoid issues in the future.
  • Once you understand the root cause, you’ll have to prepare a plan of action. While writing the mail be specific about how you found the cause of suspension and how you’ll be amending and implementing it correctly.
  • Once everything is straightened out you can send the appeal to the specified path: Seller Central > Performance > Performance Notifications > Location > Suspense Notice > Appeal.
  • Generally, it takes at least 48 hours for Amazon to reply to your mail, till then you should only show patience and wait.
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Always remember, Amazon’s number one expectation is customer experience which should not be hampered at any cost. Even if you’re a number one Fortune company, Amazon will suspend you if you violate the rules.


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