Creating ASIN For New Product Helps In Identifying The Item In Amazon Catalog List


If you want to sell on Amazon, then you should know about ASIN and how it is used. Amazon has 353 million products in its catalog. The company uses ASIN to manage the overgrowing catalog of items and buyers can find their products with the help of ASIN.

What is ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric unique code provided by the Amazon website. This ASIN is used to identify any particular product. When a seller uploads any of its products, the website automatically generates an ASIN to differentiate it from the items present in the catalog.

For books, the ASIN is the ISBN provided by Amazon, but a new ASIN i9s created every time a new product is uploaded. The ASIN can also be seen on the product details page. Anyone who knows the ASIN for a product can easily search it on the Amazon website by simply typing it on the search result. However, different Amazon sites may use different ASINs for a particular product.


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Process of Creating New ASIN


Amazon’s Admin Panel

  • This is the easiest method of getting ASIN by using the ‘Add a Product’ feature in the Amazon Seller Central Account. You will add all product details manually on the web page displayed.
  • Once all details are submitted the system will generate an ASIN which is used by the seller.
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Amazon Inventory Template

  • You can download a category-specific file template from Amazon which is uploaded on the ‘Add Products via Upload’ section.
  • Once the file is filled and uploaded by the seller, Amazon will process the file to upload the product in the catalog and assign an ASIN.

Using Feed Solution

  • Automated feds help sellers in creating a catalog for a large number of products easily and systematically. A feed will pull data from your e-Commerce shopping cart and send it to Amazon.
  • Amazon then scrutinizes the file and uploads the bunch of products on the website after assigning an ASIN.

The method of creating New ASIN is used by brand owners, private labels, etc.

Process of using Existing ASIN

  • Before selling the product, the seller needs to ensure that the product doesn’t exist in the catalog with an ASIN.
  • If there is an existing ASIN, the seller can start selling the product under that ASIN.
  • Using an existing ASIN for a product means that you’re sharing an ASIN for a product with other sellers as well. These sellers are offering the same product under the ASIN.

This method is used by retailers, resellers, and distributors.


ASIN is important for both buyers and sellers. This unique identification number keeps the detail of catalog items for searching and browsing, tracks inventory stock, and catalog data. It is thus necessary that sellers provide accurate ASIN for their product in detail so that Amazon can organize and search the product for the customer.


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