Breaking Myths by Creating Awareness about Gender Equality in Workplace

If you are a woman working in a company, you might be well aware of the gender bias that takes place in your company. Though your company might not openly talk about it, subtly imply that ‘a female employee might not be apt for a certain promotion, or it is not a “women’s job”.

Gender Inequality in Today’s World

Gender Equality in Workplace

If you follow the news regularly, you might be aware that many countries are working together to promote equality amongst both genders. This can be regarding equal respect and treatment at work, fair compensation, or a safe working environment for women.

If you have decided to take it upon you to create a fair work environment for the women employees of your company, then you can take the help of that is a program targeting uplifting women worldwide. They have a three-tier model that focuses on your mind, body, and soul where they believe in nurturing all aspects of your life and helping you achieve gender equality in your company.

A company that practices gender equality will ensure that its employees are:

  • Given equal pay
  • Given equal opportunities to showcase their skills
  • Given equal consideration for promotions or salary raise

The more common scenario where gender inequality is practiced is in the gender pay gap. Many women senior managers are paid less than male managers despite them being in the same role.

If you feel that your company is practicing gender pay inequality, you can immediately call for a discussion under the Equality Act 2010 and ask them information about pay structures, pensions, and bonuses.

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Under this act, your company should provide detailed reports on

  • Number of men and women receiving their bonus pay
  • Number of men and women getting paid every quarter
  • The hourly pay gap between men and women
  • The bonus pay gap between men and women

Inequality at the workplace can take a toll on your self-confidence and mental health. Imagine burning the midnight oil for an important project, only to have some male take the credit for it.

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You would not be the only one. Many companies feel skeptical about hiring women employees because:

  • They feel once a woman is married, all time will go on focusing on family
  • Pregnant women would less likely contribute to office as they have infants to take care off
  • Women might not be able to work for long hours as they are fragile
  • They may regularly be complaints of sexual harassment at work

Making Your Company Aware of Gender Equality

Gender Equality in Workplace

If your own a company and want to promote gender equality, you can do so by:

  • Engage women employees to develop their skills
  • Make your office a safe place to work for women employees
  • Coach and offer mentorship for all employees in your organization
  • Take a look at the pay structure and see where you can raise pay for promising employees
  • Have a strict anti-harassment policy in place
  • Have flexible working hours
  • Inclusive of maternity leaves, paternity leaves also need to be given to men to spend time with their families
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Practicing gender equality can boost the morale of your employees. People will be motivated to work in an environment where their efforts are recognized and rewarded.


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