Some of the Most Dangerous Spiders You can Find in Tennessee

These eight-legged species called spiders are actually not insects but belong to the group arachnids. You will find them in almost every corner of your walls leaving behind their webs. They are usually considered to be harmless, but there are some which are dangerous for humans.

There are a total of 40 known species of spiders that you will find in Tennessee, but many are still unidentified. They are usually never found to be in contact with humans but if they find threatened then they might cause injuries or stings with their venoms. You can get rid of these spiders with the help of Colonial pest control, which is the best pest control Maryville TN. They provide 24-hour service and contact them anytime.

Here is the list of deadliest spiders found here in Tennessee

1. Black widow spider

This is one of the venomous spiders which has two particular species found in Tennessee. They are differentiated from others by the red hourglass markings found in their abdomens. They not only have powerful venom but they make the best silk web that is capable to catch beetles, grasshoppers, and other spiders. Their bite is said to be 15 times stronger than the bite of a rattlesnake.

Dangerous Spiders

They are mainly found in dark enclosed spaces like crawl spaces, woodpiles, garages, and cellars. There are three different types of black widow spiders i.e. southern black widow, northern black widow, and western black widow. In Tennessee, you will find both northern and southern black widow spiders.

2. Brown widow spider

This is known to be a lesser-known cousin of the black widow spider. It is said that they are twice as potent as the black widow spider and are still the deadliest. They have a black-and-white pattern on the sides of the abdomen and an orange-yellow hourglass-shaped body. They are found usually hanging underneath the eaves, toys, or any other equipment.

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3. Brown recluse spider

This spider likes to hang out alone. They are well-identified by their violin-shaped body and have three sets of eyes rather than the usual four. They can enter your house through some furniture or boxes moving into your house and can then hide in some dark, secluded places. Their bites contain hemotoxic and necrotic venom, which are potentially deadly.

False black widow spider

4. False black widow spider

They have a bright red hourglass pattern or any other distinctive marks. They can range from purplish-brown to black with pale markings on their body. The females have round and bulbous bellies and are bigger in size than the males. They have toxic venom and their bite can cause symptoms like blistering, pain, fever, muscle spasms, sweating, or malaise.

5. Black-footed yellow sac spider

As the name suggests, this yellow spider has black feet with dark brown markings on the palps, jaws, and ends of the feet. It also has an orange-brown stripe running down the abdomen. They are nocturnal by nature and come out only at the night for food and mates. They are venomous and can bite humans causing swelling and itchiness for a few days.


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