Discover How Fun Toy Photography Can Be


Have you ever thought about taking pictures of something we all have at home? “Toys”. Toys are much more than that, with them you can create real fantasy worlds that would be harder to get with other objects. Let’s see how actually photographing toys and using the best photo editing free software to edit them is much more entertaining than it seems.

The Expression

One of the great attractions of doing this type of photography is the challenge of making an inanimate object to express something, using different skills and photographic concepts, the question is how we can achieve it? Let’s see some suggestions.

  • Pay attention to the light

Speaking of expression, we know that a zenithal light manages to transmit something different than a backlight, we can choose between soft or hard, direct, bounced, natural or artificial light and achieve the desired expression.

  • Stage

The main question is how do you want the object to feel? For example, if you want him to feel alone, place him on an empty stage, or maybe you want him to look hungry, then place him in front of a hamburger or a plate of food.

  • Composition

Composition is an essential part of any photography and toy photography is no exception. A little trick for the composition of your toy photographs. If you put yourself at the same height as your object (even if it means lying down on the floor), you will be giving it a different expression, since it will not be a small toy anymore, you can get to turn it into a character of “human” size (at least in appearance) and that will help you a lot when it comes to composing and creating images with them.

  • Look
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Do not forget that, although their eyes are plastic or glass, the toys also have a look. And we must know how to play with it to transmit what we want. If our object looks directly at something, its expression can be of desire. If you look the other way, we can create a sense of curiosity. Explore the look of your dolls!

Take the time to plan your photography well, do all the photographs you need, do not worry your model will not get tired.

Create Stories


A toy can have a very broad expressive register, so why not play with all these possibilities and encourage you to create special scenarios for them?

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Take into account that a doll is usually very small, can help us to place it among the elements of our day-to-day activities since the change of proportions between objects can give an interesting touch to photography. Think as if your toys were actors that had to represent a play. In reality, you have endless excuses to take your favorite dolls in a photo.

Get The Best Pictures


When we make toy photography our model will not move, nor will it get tired, it will not even complain. So take advantage of the time to experience new things, you could try different illuminations and experiment with light. As a general rule, toy photography will have better results with a soft light, which will give the image a clean and magical atmosphere.


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