Do You Know Why My HP Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridges?

Do You Know Why My HP Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridges 3

Often you will notice that after replacing the empty ink cartridges with the new ones.

Suddenly you may find any of the following error messages or displays:

  • Toner is not compatible
  • Low ink or toner levels
  • HP cartridges locked
  • No Cartridge Installed
  • Printer Cartridge Not Detected
  • Cartridge protection enabled.

If any of the above messages are displayed that means the HP ink cartridges of your printer are not detected. You need to therefore troubleshoot to detect what is holding your printer to recognize the new cartridge.

You may take the following few steps and try to resolve the issue.

  1. Reset the internal memory of the printer
  2. Metal Contacts may need cleaning
  3. Remove the protective tape/strip
  4. Disable HP cartridge protection
  5. Possibly you have installed wrong/malfunctioned ink cartridges
  6. Improper cartridge installation

Do You Know Why My HP Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridges 4

The following are the few ways for selecting the proper ink cartridge meant for your printer:

1. Check the printer compatibility

When you are buying an ink cartridge then the first thing to check – is really compatible with your printer as all ink cartridges may not be exactly the same.

Different printers may have different varieties of ink cartridges used. There can be in a certain printer that needs multiple cartridges and a few others may need individual cartridges.

2. Check extra-large or standard cartridge

You may find a big difference between any extra large and standard cartridges. For those who are into high-volume printing work, then you must choose the extra-large ones.

This will offer you more pages for printing and can save your time and money too. For your everyday general home printing, any standard cartridge will be preferred or just plain text, but not with photos/photography printing.

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3. Tri-color or individual cartridge

Depending on how and what you print, both cartridges have advantages and downsides. If you use a tri-color ink cartridge, it can be expensive in the long term because it won’t work if one of the ink cartridges runs out.

As a result, you will have to change the entire cartridge, sacrificing the remaining ink. Tossing a cartridge that is still full of ink is a complete waste of money. When it comes to individual cartridges, you simply need to change one that is currently empty.

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Do You Know Why My HP Printer Won’t Recognize New Ink Cartridges 1

4. Recycled ink cartridges

Using a recycled ink cartridge saves not only money but also the ecology and the earth for the environmentally-conscious consumer. Recycled ink is 50% to 80% less expensive than brand-name cartridges.

When used appropriately, it usually generates the same quality and gives more or less the same pages as the brand names.

5. Manufacturer’s warranty

To ensure customer satisfaction, most ink producers offer a product warranty. If your ink fails to operate as promised, it is essential to save the package in its original condition, the receipt, and the warranty card.

You can return the item, along with the original packaging, warranty card, and receipt to the retailer for a replacement or refund.


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