Few Ways You Can Increase User Engagement by Using Video Animation

The term “user engagement” must be one that you frequently come across in the realm of online marketing. You must also be aware of its significant contribution to determining the course of your entire sales funnel.

If you do enough research, you will discover that combining video animation and other sorts of video is a contemporary strategy to improve it. A highly competitive medium by its own nature, the animation will test every last bit of your creativity even though it stands apart from all other types of engagement.

Engagement by Using Video Animation

This is because it is frequently used by contemporary businesses due to its efficiency in generating leads and conversions.

Victor Yang Photography is one of the animation companies in Singapore that can help you connect with your targeted audience through delightful videos and animations so that your product or service will stand out among the crowd.

This post will be very helpful to you if you are already committed to using video animations as your main marketing technique or are dissatisfied with the current outcomes. Here, we will talk about a few different techniques that will advance it.

Animations of different kinds that can be utilized to increase user engagement

Recent data shows that 65% of visitors like to watch the video first before choosing a service or product. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that including video animation in marketing campaigns raises the click-through rate by 200%.

And according to a study, the following animation kinds were the ones that were employed the most often to get the aforementioned effects.

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  1. 2D Animation

One of the most traditional but still powerful forms of animation that businesses commonly utilize in their marketing campaigns is 2D animation.

In essence, it comprises a variety of characters acting out a screenplay that accurately depicts a company’s story. However, to engage the audience on an emotional level, a compelling story is required.

  1. 3D Animation

Although it claims to use the same method as 2D animation, the actors and objects are shown in a 3-dimensional movie. The present audience appreciates it because of its intriguing and reasonably realistic experience.

Due to its complexity, 3D animation production takes longer than other genres of animation. Pricing-wise, 3D animation businesses charge substantially more than 2D animation companies.

  1. Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is highly helpful for companies that offer pretty sophisticated goods and services. It uses a series of engaging visuals and words to concisely break down different components of the service and products, and an effective voice-over explains each step.

Despite being mostly educational, it has a strong narrative that is perfect for raising user interest.

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  1. Motion graphics

Motion graphics focuses on a core topic, such as a product or service, and combines 3D, 2D, and other special effects with text and voice-over. It belongs to the most cutting-edge and popular categories of animation.

It is similarly engaging, fascinating, and exciting to captivate and encourage viewers to acquire your product because of the variety of elements jumbled in one film.

Victor Yang Photography has got the proper animation studio in Singapore to help you achieve all these.


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