Factors That Can Allow You Child Custody by The Court of Law in Maryland

Factors That Can Allow You Child Custody by The Court of Law in Maryland 1

When it is about child custody, there are several factors that the Maryland court considers before taking the verdict. Since it is not only about the divorced couple, it is of paramount concern with the best interests of the children.

Factors for awarding custody

There is a list of factors that Maryland courts consider while awarding custodian rights of the child to the parents:

  • Fitness of the parents
  • Reputation and character of each parent
  • The ability to maintain family relations
  • The desire of parents and agreement between them
  • The child’s age, sex and health
  • Parent’s residence for visitation purpose
  • Child’s preference
  • Separation period of the child from the parent

Factors That Can Allow You Child Custody by The Court of Law in Maryland 3

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It is also important to familiarize yourself with the kind of behaviors to avoid as well, so that you don’t lose your custodian powers under Maryland court.

Physical and emotional abuse

Physical and emotional abuse against a child is a severe offense in Maryland and can cause a parent to lose sole custody. If your ex-spouse has ever shown any kind of physical violence on your child like hitting, scratching, slapping, kicking, or any other kind of physical harm then you have every right to seek sole custody.

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Emotional abuse of a child with behaviors of humiliating, insulting, rejection, manipulation, rudeness again results in losing child custody.

Factors That Can Allow You Child Custody by The Court of Law in Maryland 2

Neglecting your child

A parent who does not provide necessary care for a child and shows negligence can lose custody. This includes shelter, food, clothing, education, necessary medical care, and more.

Violation of a court order

  • Violating an established visitation or custody order is an offense under Maryland law.
  • If a parent is granted visitation rights but refuses to pursue them and allows the other parent to meet the child, you could lose the custody
  • You cannot cancel the visits of another parent to see the child

Factors That Can Allow You Child Custody by The Court of Law in Maryland 4

Relocating with the child

  • A parent cannot take away the child without the consent of the other parent
  • Relocation or moving to a new place is also not allowed without informing the other parent.
  • If parents cannot agree on the relocation issue, either parent can request the court to modify child custody or visitation.

Found guilty

  • Maryland court does not award custody or unsupervised visits to a parent who has been found guilty of murder charges.
  • Domestic violence can also result in termination of child custody from a parent.

Look for ways how to take care of your child together even after separation rather than keeping an eye on each other activities.


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