How to Prep Your Car for a Cross-Country Road Trip with Friends

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One of the biggest social daydreams for adventurous extroverts is a cross-country road trip with your friends. You know, where each of you take turns at the wheel, driving from one place to another for the sheer experience of seeing new things and having quirky conversations with loads of laughter and plenty of snacks.

However, if you can see through the positives of this daydream a moment, you need to prep your car for such a long stop-and-go drive. You’d hate to find yourself and your besties stranded on the side of the highway, all because of something you could have fixed before leaving town. Take Your Car to a Mechanic for a Full Work-Up and Detail Before any big intended drive, you should take your car to a mechanic at a reputable auto repair franchise.

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Why? Because a mechanic can do a full work-up on your car, detailing what needs to be done before you can go from point A to B. Mechanics can literally save your life, as you never know what could be wrong with your vehicle on the interior without a diagnostic.

Get Your Trunk and Backseat Road-Ready with Emergency Snacks, Bottled Waters, and Safety Gear What do you need to survive for a few days? Think of the essentials of survival—like protein-rich snacks to curb hunger, bottles of water, and safety gear (i.e. an emergency first-aid setup, a blanket, and roadside kits that contain flares, ER cones, etc). Pack up two of these survival bags with non-perishable essentials.

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Then put one in the trunk and another directly in the backseat. Voila—prepped for whatever comes your way. Map Out Your Destination to Gauge the Reliability of Your Automobile Some cars do better with long distances than others. You should map out your destinations before, then ask a professional (see aforementioned mechanic) whether your car can get there, back, and anywhere in-between.

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Your car needs to be able to withstand the wear-and-tear of highways and country roads for hundreds of miles because that’s what the usual road trip consists of. Get Those Tunes Cranked for Good Times Playlists are an absolute must-have for long car rides, especially with friends.

Not saying you should dance while you’re behind the wheel, but you can absolutely wind the window down, crank the tunes up, and sing your heart out. When you hear those songs again, they will take you back to good times.


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