How to Prevent Suspension of Your Amazon Dropshipper Account for Policy Violations

As per the Wall Street Journal, those who are appointed as Amazon sellers will increase their profit by 50%. At present about 5 million sellers are working on this platform, hence Amazon can always afford to suspend any account if any violation of policy is ever detected.

If you are also tied up with Amazon Dropshipping and by chance, your account gets suspended for this reason then you may contact Younglanes that can offer you a cost-effective service to restore your account. Their service is also backed by a money-back guarantee.


Amazon will never like to go into detail about individual cases as there are such a large number of people who are involved in this business. Also, by terminating any account of any drop shippers, the bottom line of Amazon is least affected.

Also, the entire business model of Amazon is based on taking stringent precautions to ensure that both inventory and product information are of the best quality. Therefore, it may be easy to get suspended if you are an Amazon seller, but it will be quite difficult to get reinstated in spite you may not be at fault.

If you are an Amazon seller who has been suspended for drop shipping for more than 3 violations of Amazon policy, then there will be no path for appealing against suspension for dropshipping.


If you have got any questions about your dropshipping suspensions, then you may discuss with a team available at Amazon Sellers Lawyers for getting reinstated. However, you must have your plan of action ready to address the issue so that it may not repeat.

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The following are a few reasons why your Amazon account may get suspended that you can restore back.

  1. Selling any used item as new

When dropshipping, it is quite difficult to prove this when a buyer complains. Therefore, make sure that you are buying items from a reputed source.

  1. Incomplete product supply

Most Amazon catalogs will also mention a few additional items too with the product and often drop shippers may not be aware of too.

  1. Order defect rate is high

In case exceeding your ODR rate by 1%, you may face an account suspension. Therefore, you must keep regular track of your account health page.

  1. Late shipment

You need to manage your shipment very well to avoid any delay. In case your late shipment rate gets exceeded by 4%, you may expect your account suspension.

  1. Failure to address any intellectual property complaints

You will be notified by Amazon about violation of patents, copyrights, trademarks/trade dress and Amazon will remove the product from their list. Repeated violations will attract suspension.

  1. Selling restricted products

You must always keep yourself updated about restricted products so that you do not succumb to such type of a violation.


The best way of avoiding Amazon suspensions will be doing only the right things from product sourcing to fulfilling the order. There are however a lot of things to keep a proper track to fulfill customer service.


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