Non-invasive Ways to Lift Sagging Jawline and Neck to Restore V-shape Face

An oval and slim face, which ends with a sharp chin and well-defined jawline, is the most popular face shape. It offers a more youthful look and even highlights facial features.

Many women resort to surgery for achieving a V-shaped face. There are several non-invasive ways to lift a flabby neck and jawline to attain the V-shape look.

Novathread treatment

Nova Thread treatment

If you are around Denver then visit the Body Massage Wellness Med Spa for getting detailed knowledge about the Novathread treatment. You will be surprised to see the before and after treatment pictures.

Novatreatment is a non-invasive treatment that helps to tighten the sagging, loose skin around your face and neck. Novathreads are absorbable sutures that have been used in heart surgeries for more than five decades. Polydioxanone or PDO thread is the safest material that helps to create a support frame for the sagging tissue and holds them in V-shape.

The neck and jawline area are challenging for filler or Botox treatment but PDO threads have made it possible to be placed beneath her skin and lift the drooping area, which heals over time naturally by creating new collagen.

During treatment, the technician inserts a preloaded needle inside the skin, which needs to be lifted. The thread is left under the skin and the needle is removed. Skin starts reacting gently and starts repairing around the sutures.

Threads are positioned in spots to fill a fold. They are even used to tighten the skin on the eyebrows or neck. The threads are absorbable and within 4 to 6 months they get absorbed and there is no scar left behind. With Novathread treatment, you gain instant outcomes with enduring benefits.

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Freeze face treatment

Freeze face treatment

Freeze face treatment targets saggy, aging skin or wrinkles and fine lines. It offers instant face contouring by skin tightening and enhancing firmness. Radiofrequency along with PEMF {pulsed electromagnetic field} is used onto the skin. The penetration is safe and comfortable. This thermal-magnetic rejuvenation process stimulates elastin fibers and collagen for enhanced firmness. In a single session, you will attain visible results.

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Roller or massager

Facial massagers offer an instant lift as it drains the built-up of lymphatic fluid making your face look less bloated and puffy. Blood circulation is enhanced and face muscles look relaxed. Your skin looks youthful and your complexion appears bright and radiant. It is a temporary way to attain a V-shaped face look.

Face-lift mask

Face-lift mask

It is a blend of face masks, chin straps, and head braces. The mask is designed to apply pressure on your jaw and chin area to stimulate the blood flow just like a massager. The relevant areas decrease its puffiness and bloating. The result is a slim-looking jawline and chin.

Facial exercise

The best part of facial exercise is that you don’t need to sweat. Create an ‘O’ shape with a mouth, smile widely, and suck your cheeks and lips. Do these three facial workouts for 20 minutes daily. Every time you work the hypodermis, dermis, & epidermis layers are stimulated.

Achieve a V-shape face without going under the knife!


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