Mistakes That You Need to Avoid While Installing These Timber Flooring

Mistakes That You Need to Avoid While Installing These Timber Flooring 1

When it comes to choosing a good flooring for your house, there is nothing better than timber flooring. It will not only look appealing but can last for decades if maintained well. Though we might feel like doing this work of installation all by ourselves, it is not so easy and may lead to disappointment with the finished product.

There are many companies that provide these installation services. If you are looking for one, then you can get to the online site of Bleen which is an Australian business directory. It is not a service provider, but a platform where you can find tradies of whatever businesses you are looking for.

Mistakes That You Need to Avoid While Installing These Timber Flooring 2

Keeping that in mind, here we are going to talk all about the mistakes we make during the installation process:

  • Leveling up the floor is most important before you start installing the hardwood floorings. This is because if the timber planking is not perfectly leveled up, then the lines will be affected and even the movements can become more obvious. So, a day before the installation, you need to insist on the level substrate so that everything goes on perfectly.
  • Secondly, you will need to clean the substrate. Make sure that there are no bumps, dust, or residue present on it. It needs to be clean and dried. A professional can do this work well.
  • A timber wood once installed will not move. It will get adjusted in every environment. However, in case, the room is humid then the timber might swell up causing it to move. Thus, you need to check if the environment is suitable for such flooring before installation. Also, keep enough gaps between the floors to avoid peaking caused by the swelling of the wood.
  • Make sure that you clean up the flooring before applying sealant because dust can settle on it and the floor will become a bit coarse to touch. You might not even get that magical sheen look. Sometimes people do stain the floor after installation and then sand it, to prepare it for a polyurethane coating to get total protection.
  • In case when you want to place heavy furniture on the floor, you can place them on the rugs or some rubber pads in order to avoid scratches forming on the surface.
  • The biggest mistake which most of us do is to try doing such work on our own i.e., doing the DIY installation when they are supposed to be calling a professional for the work. So, if you have already started doing it, you still have time. Call the professionals and let them have a look and do the rest of the work. this will make a huge difference in the final lookout of your project.
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As mentioned earlier, finding service providers are not so difficult now. Just make sure that you check the reviews and then hire them. Also, if you are one of the service providers, then you can advertise your business in local directory and you will start getting a lot of attention from the customers.



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