Are You In A Relationship With Drug Addict? – Know What You Can Expect?

Drug addiction can devastate every aspect of life from professional to personal life. In most cases, a partner may not be aware of their partner’s addiction to drugs, alcohol, or compulsive behavior. Economical, domestic, emotional, and codependency are the common problems faced by those in a relationship with a drug addict.

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drug addiction

Signs of drug addiction

People with drug addiction are either too bad or too good at putting it out of the site. If you suspect whether your better half is addicted to substances or not, then it’s essential to look into it. Knowing it early can help to prevent adverse effects, which devastate your relationship. The following are a few signs that show drug addiction. They are:

If your partner is –

  • Not accounting for the money spent
  • Coming late to home and acting differently
  • Staying up at night due to stimulating use
  • Not eating for days
  • Not feeling good in the morning and having withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, nausea, sniffles, and vomiting
  • Getting sick, particularly when you are away from the house or on vacation

Although these signs can suggest that your partner is having drugs, still avoid making assumptions. Discuss the matter compassionately and kindly because if your better half is not having drugs, then he or she may get offended and if he or she is taking drugs, they may feel attacked. You can even consult an addiction counselor to know the right approach.

Codependent relationship and the drug addict partner

drug addiction

A codependency relationship means a partner (drug addict) has extreme emotional or physical needs, and the other partner spends the time to care for those needs. This kind of relationship makes the addict easy to keep the relationship without any fear of losing their better half.

Co-dependency symptoms

  • Low self-esteem
  • Taking care
  • Unable to say no or please people
  • Obsession
  • Unhealthy boundaries like manipulation

Most codependent people will have enabling behavior like denying the problem, taking the responsibilities of the addicted partner, having drugs with the drug-addicted partner, and more. All these can encourage the addicted partner to continue taking drugs.

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Dangers caused by codependency

Codependency not only changes the family situation but also causes health risks too. A few of them are listed below:

  • Losing relationship
  • Increased addiction
  • Lack of taking personal care or responsibilities to look after the responsibilities of the addicted partner

drug addiction

Treatment for codependency and alcohol addiction

Due to the above-stated reasons, both the addicted person and the partner have to seek treatment as soon as possible. You can find different types of treatment programs that help with addiction and codependency. Consulting a substance abuse counselor and psychiatrist can help to undergo individual and behavioral therapies to improve self-image, set goals, and define needs.

Both codependency and alcohol addiction can damage your married life. So, choose a reliable rehab center that offers the best services and contact today to make your married life a happy one.


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