Rent a VIP Yacht in Tenerife

As soon as the time comes for an important holiday or event in life, the question arises: where is it best to organize it? One category of people rushes to book a table in an elite restaurant, others strive to get out into nature (if the weather allows).

It is considered a great solution to combine these two directions, but at the same time arrange a celebration in a completely neutral territory.

VIP Yacht

Vacation on a yacht in Tenerife is gaining momentum. The reason for this is the obvious advantages, which we will list later in the article.

Before ordering a yacht, you need to know what types of vessels charter companies offer. Yachts are divided into sailing and motor ones.

The first category is usually a budget option. Their rental fee is less than the price for renting the second category – motor yachts.

Mostly these are Vip-class vessels, with luxurious decoration and furniture, and all kinds of systems for the highest quality of holidays on board.

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Vip – the best choice

Vip-yachts are the vessels where you would like to spend your free time daily. After one trip, it becomes clear how much time was wasted if yachts were not the priority transport for water trips earlier.

Yes, you have to pay for luxurious conditions. But it is really worth it. Modern vessels of the corresponding class are equipped with advanced technologies.

Renting a yacht in Tenerife for a walk turns into a real holiday, because:

VIP Yacht

  • special feelings are overwhelming;
  • fresh air, picturesque shores around;
  • nearby are close and time-tested people.

It is not surprising, since vessels can be equipped with music centers and household appliances. On hot summer days, an air conditioner is never superfluous, so such equipment is also provided.

A feature of luxury yachts is the relaxation area and cabins. They are made of natural wood. Also impressive is the modern video equipment that will only brighten up the holiday.

How to order

It’s not that easy to find a yacht rental in Tenerife for relaxation for reasonable money. Most charter companies require simply exorbitant prices that are not affordable even for well-off people.

It is necessary to thoroughly analyze the market and choose the most profitable offers. For example, one of the companies – Rent Boat Tenerife offers a wide selection of yachts in various price ranges.

There are many offers for yacht rentals on the Internet but for very little money. Usually, these are scammers looking for easy gain.

In order not to become a victim of malefactors, it is necessary to consider several options and choose the “golden mean”. Be vigilant if the lessor requires a 100% prepayment.

This is the first sign that something is wrong here. If the search stopped at a verified charter company, then to order it will be enough to go to the “contacts” or “about us” section.

There you can find phone numbers and contact managers directly to place an order. It is worth reminding that it is necessary to order a vessel in advance.


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