SEO Link Building For Top Ranking On SERPs And Establish Credibility

Link building is an SEO process intended to acquire links from other websites to your site. These acquired links are popular as ‘Backlinks’. Backlinks from authoritative sites pass authority and even rank high in SERPs.

SEO Link Building

Backlinks are the votes your site attains and the page with more backlinks ranks high, so it is crucial to –

  • Post-high-quality content worthy enough to link to
  • Use the link-building technique to attract more backlinks.

The benefit of link building

Link building needs focus and dedication. Partner with reputable Active Monitoring, a link building company to enjoy benefits like –

  • Boost site traffic
  • Enhanced keyword rankings
  • Improvement in domain authority
  • Build niche authority & credibility
  • Search engine friendly
  • More referral traffic & traffic source diversification
  • Opportunity to attract more customers & grow revenue

The professionals develop a backlink-building strategy based on customers’ goals and use techniques that drive results and enhance your digital space.

What’s a quality backlink?

A link directing towards your website from an authoritative niche domain is termed a quality backlink. It increases relevant traffic, creates brand awareness, builds credibility, and allows getting in front of target audiences.

SEO Link Building

Links can be built in multiple ways but all are not valuable. Low-quality backlinks are directed to your website, which will never improve SERPs but possibly result in lowered rankings and penalties.

Good SEO services ensure to use of white hat techniques. They concentrate on reaching organically to quality and high authority websites, which are relevant to your industry. A manual approach makes sure you gain quality links that increase your authority power and drive successful results.

Successful link building strategies

Create linkable assets

It means creating high-quality content to attract links. Infographics are a common linkable asset type. It is the best way to grab social media attention and build brand awareness. Infographics are expected to be read 30X more than a chink of text. Linkable assets shareability means your content reaches more audiences.

Get active on the social channels

Post content on social channels to start backlink building. Your odds to earn backlinks increase the moment you are equipped with linkable assets and graphics. Getting active on social channels helps to increase brand awareness that can increase authority and backlinks.

The best practice is to post business news and updates, engage the audience in the comment section, listen & reply to brand mentions, and participate in niche social media conversations.

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How to identify if the link is quality or not?

SEO Link Building

There is an infinite number of links prevailing on the internet, so how do identify a good link from a bad one.

  • Relevance – The backlink has to be from a relevant niche site.
  • Trustworthiness – Audit the backlink – see its URL containing SSL, the site’s lifespan, activity on social media, and traffic volume. All this speaks a lot about the website’s health.
  • Placement – The upper text body is the best placement for positioning links rather than the footer.
  • Authority score – It is a metric that helps to measure domain links weightage. The closer the score to 100 the better.
  • Anchor text – Anchor text helps the reader’s context and bots to know what is on the page, thus influencing ranking.

Link building needs lots of effort but is rewarding and lasts for the long term!


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