Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts and Propaganda is Acknowledged for Introducing Creative Promo Product Designs

Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor is the founder of Propaganda, a creative promotional merchandise store. From the age of 6, Stephen learned the business with his father, a property developer. He loved listening to his father making real estate deals, especially the creative part. He had a great vision for business planning, which brought him a lot of fame.

In 1993, the founder Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts started a business selling sweets door-to-door. The aim was to offer people a chance to eat wrapped mint rather than the open ones in a bowl sitting on the restaurant’s countertops [people use their filth-covered hands to pick from the bowl.

In the start, he started Sweet Concepts because he saw a chance for the corporate sweet market. He soon got aware that promo and sweet concepts will be a hit because they appeal to people’s desire for excitement, enjoyment, and positive experiences. His first sweet in 1993 was a personalized fortune cookie box, which is still a great promo gift away in the modern technical world.

Today, the market is loaded with tough competition, so businesses need to change and get innovative. Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts saw how promotions, such as discounts or giveaways, can make customers feel like they’re getting a good deal or receiving something for free, which is very appealing. Overall, these concepts tap into people’s emotions and desires, making them more likely to be successful.

On the Propaganda website, there are different categories of promo products including bags, drinkware, pens, stationary, gadgets, and more. Stephen Taylor is always looking for innovative promotional gifts to capture the market. In 2001, Stephen Taylor Sweet Concepts initiated the Mint-cards & Click-It tins. The mint cards were a huge hit in 2003 because of their slim outer shell and pocket size. Soon, the Mini Mint IT card got introduced, which was stamp sized. Even if there was less space for corporate message promotion, it was a huge success because of its cuteness and discreteness of slipping into the pocket or bag.

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Mint twister is also a highly successful giveaway. It is a combination of toys, confectionary, and promotion. The mint twister fits with easy in a bag or pocket. Careful attention and planning were undertaken to ensure that a unique hit promotional product can spin with stability despite its light weight and size.

The open and close of the twister were another design element that got more attention. With lots of trials and errors, an ideal solution was drawn out. It is a fun product for business promotion offering a wide surface for digital message printing.

Stephen Taylor’s inventions are always great promotional items that help businesses in branding and building customer trust. The promotional items are designed from durable material and the confectionary is made most hygienically. Businesses can even use gift items to incentivize their employees for capturing a sales target or product deadlines.

Stephen’s creative and innovative design testifies to his success. Bags are common, but Stephen added his innovation making them unique.


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