The beauty of Body Piercing


Are you fond of gems and jewelry? Do they fascinate you? Jewels are usually made of gold, steel, silver, or other precious gems. Ornaments are the most common accessories used when you undergo body piercing. Body piercing is enhanced when you wear unique jewels or pieces of colored metals on it. If you want to know more, you can check body jewelry in Minnesota.

Almost Famous as Body Jewelry Store

In Almost Famous, they provide varieties of jewels in any design you prefer. They offer animal prints, beautiful stones, and gems. This store focuses mainly on its customers getting pierced and adding extra beauty to the pierced area. They have temporary technicians who will do the body piercing under the supervision of a senior piercer. If you want to know more about body jewelry in Minnesota, visit the Almost Famous Body Piercing store.

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The Jewelries at Almost Famous


Jewelry available in Almost Famous includes

  • Barbells – It is usually made of steel, titanium, and colored titanium. It is a piece of steel attached to two small balls adjacent to each other. They are usually used on ear piercing and nipple piercing depending on their size. In Almost Famous, they offer 316L steel barbells – either colored or plain titanium.
  • Bent Barbells – Typically weighing 16g or 14g and unlike barbells, bent barbells are curved. Usually used on eyebrow piercings.
  • Captive Bead Rings – It is a circular type of steel with a bead lock. It is usually used on the septum, ear, and lip piercings. You can also add gems on the bead lock of the captive bead rings.
  • Horseshoes – it is a piece of curved steel forming a circle just like horseshoes. It is commonly used on septum and lip piercings. Unlike the captive bead rings, horseshoes don’t have bead locks.
  • Ear Tunnels or Plugs – Ear tunnels are one of the popular kinds of body jewelry. These plugs are available in many sizes, colors, and designs. It can be of metal or rubber.
  • Nipple Rings – These types of rings are only worn when your nipple piercing heals. Almost Famous offers Rainbow Nipple Shield, and dangling star nipple rings are the famous ones. Besides nipple rings, you can choose captive bead rings and horseshoes.
  • Nostril – There are three types of nostril jewelry; hoops, nostril screws, and nostril bones. Nostril jewelry usually weighs around 18 to 20g
  • Labret Studs – Usually, labret studs are done on the tragus, earlobe, and nostril. It has a permanent lock on one side and a bead lock on the other. They are commonly made of titanium and 316L.
  • Other jewelry – The stores also provide retainers, septum clickers, and other jewelry.  They also offer parts of a jewel as per the needs of their customers.
  • Overview – Almost Famous offers different types of body jewelry that suit your taste as well as preference. All jewels are guaranteed sterile and safe to use. They also provide ornaments in various designs, colors, and sizes based on individual needs. Almost Famous genuinely offer quality jewelry for everyone.
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