The Latest Trends in Exterior House Painting

The exterior of your home is more than just a protective shell against the elements; it’s a statement of your style and personality. As we navigate through 2023, the trends in exterior house painting are evolving,

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reflecting broader shifts in design and homeowner preferences. In this blog, certified painting specialists explore the latest trends that are shaping the world of exterior house painting.

What are the latest trends in exterior house painting?

Here’s a more detailed look into all of the latest trends:

1. Nature-inspired colour palettes

One of the most significant trends this year is the increasing popularity of nature-inspired colour palettes. Homeowners are gravitating towards earthy tones such as olive green, sandy beige, and muted terra cotta.

These colours not only blend harmoniously with outdoor landscapes but also provide a sense of tranquillity and warmth. They work exceptionally well in both urban and rural settings, making them versatile choices for a variety of homes.

2. Bold accent colours

While neutral tones are taking centre stage, bold accent colours have also emerged as a popular trend. Vibrant blues, deep burgundies, and bright yellows are being used to highlight architectural features like doors, window trims, and shutters. This trend is about creating a focal point that captures attention and adds character to the home’s overall appearance.

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3. Matte finishes

Glossy finishes have taken a backseat to matte finishes this year. The flat, non-reflective nature of matte paint offers a modern and sophisticated look.

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It also does an excellent job of hiding imperfections on the surface of your home. Matte finishes in darker hues are particularly in vogue, offering an elegant and timeless appeal.

4. Two-tone combinations

Experimenting with two-tone colour schemes is a trend that’s gaining momentum. This approach involves painting the main body of the house in one colour and using a contrasting colour for the trim.

This not only adds depth and dimension to the exterior but also allows for more creative expression. Some popular combinations include charcoal grey with crisp white trim or a warm taupe paired with a rich espresso trim.

5. Sustainability in paint choices

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword in the paint industry. Homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly paints that have low or zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

These paints are better for the environment and healthier for residents, as they emit fewer harmful chemicals. They also come in a wide range of colours and finishes, making them a practical choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

6. Textured finishes

Textured finishes are making a comeback, especially in regions with harsh weather conditions. These finishes not only add visual interest but also provide extra protection against the elements. From stucco to brick, the textured finish you choose can greatly enhance the architectural style of your home.

7. Monochromatic schemes

Simplicity is key with the rising trend of monochromatic colour schemes. This trend involves using varying shades of the same colour to create a cohesive and elegant look. It’s a great way to achieve a minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing personality and charm.

8. Dark exteriors

Finally, dark exteriors are becoming increasingly popular. Colours like charcoal, black, and navy blue are being used to make bold statements. These colours are striking and can make your home stand out in the neighbourhood. Paired with the right landscaping and lighting, a dark exterior can create a stunning and sophisticated look.

Final note

The world of exterior house painting is dynamic, with trends that cater to a wide range of tastes and styles. Whether you prefer the calming influence of nature-inspired hues, the boldness of accent colors, or the sophistication of matte and dark finishes, there’s something for everyone in 2023’s trends.

Remember, the right colour can transform your home’s exterior from ordinary to extraordinary. When choosing a colour scheme, consider the architectural style of your home, the surrounding landscape, and, most importantly, your personal taste.


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