Uses of Copper Peptides for Your Healthy Skin and Hair

Copper peptides are now becoming the most talked about in the beauty industry. As we all are aware of peptides, you would be wondering what copper peptides are all about. So this has a symbol called GHK-Cu (which means that these are peptides that are bonded with copper).

Every human being tends to lose the collagen and the elasticity of the skin (the reasons being aging, certain lifestyles, etc.). Hence it is possible to get back your normal skin with certain skincare products. And this is where peptides can work.

Peptides formally called polypeptides can help stimulate collagen production in your skin which can help in problems like fine lines, enlarged pores, and age spots. On the other hand, copper peptides can help the growth of connective tissues, which can benefit your hair by reducing hair breakage and promoting overall growth.

Below we are discussing more how copper peptides can be helpful for both:



  1. Copper peptides are said to be helpful for blood circulation. They help maintain the tissues found in the blood vessels. This helps to get enough oxygen and nutrients to produce new hair growth.
  2. Copper is one of the micronutrients which is needed to produce melanin (which helps to maintain the color of the hair as well as of the eye and the skin.
  3. For issues like hair loss, this means there is a shortened hair growth cycle. The main issues here are due to hair follicles, hormones, etc. Copper for that reason can be helpful to extend the growth cycle thus reducing the problem of hair falls. They also have the potential to thicken the existing strands.
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Skin Care

Copper peptides are said to have the ability to work even below the epidermis. That is the reason they can be helpful to increase the elastin in collagen which is deep inside the skin tissues. Coppers on the other hand are helpful for an anti-aging effect too. So here are some details about the same:

  1. As peptides can increase collagen proteins, they can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They have the potential to plump up the skin which indirectly makes the wrinkles disappear.
  2. On the other hand, apart from increasing collagen, peptides have the potential to increase elastin as well, which indirectly makes the skin appear firmer and smoother.
  3. Copper peptides can remove damaged connective tissues and add new ones at the same time. This helps to reduce sun spots, acne scars, etc.
  4. They have an anti-inflammatory property that might help to prevent damage to your skin.

Copper Peptide – How to Use It


Copper peptides are easily available in the form of serum and facial moisturizers. They are mostly found in serum form.

  • For hair growth, you need to apply several drops to the scalp. Gently massage it.
  • For skincare, you can use the serum as a cleanser, toner, sunscreen, serum, and cream.

Some of these copper peptides are also found in facial moisturizers. Choose what fits best for you.

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Risks and Side-effects of GHK-Cu

Skin Care

There are no major risks but anything that you use on your face or scalp needs to be tested on your skin. This can be done through a patch test. Though there are very few chances of side effects some of them may face reactions like redness, hives, itchiness, and burns. Copper toxicity is also possible but this is possible when it is combined with other ingredients too.

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Also, when you buy the product, always check the ingredients mentioned on the label. It will also be mentioned how to use the product. If you still have concerns talk to your dermatologist before using it.


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