What Are the Reasons for Amazon Sellers Account Suspensions?

Amazon’s sales process is an all-encompassing task ranging from marketing to pricing to inventory management. Besides, you need to be compliant with Amazon’s rules, regulations, and policies. A seller’s effort is futile if his/her account is suspended. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the dos and don’ts as well as stay updated about the Amazon marketplace.

What is AMZ account suspension?

 Amazon Sellers

Account suspension means the seller will be unable to sell products on their portal or will be banned from selling a specific product. It even means that every hard work the seller puts in running a successful business will get outranked by their competitors. If you are in this kind of unfortunate situation, then act as fast as you can. One day of not selling means losing clients and a drop in your ranking.

YoungLanes Amazon Appeal Services can help in resolving Amazon B-related account suspensions or bans as quickly as possible. Amazon depends heavily on search BOTs and there are chances that suspensions or bans may be inaccurate. The process is not ideal and can take plenty of energy, time, patience, and perseverance to make it right, but it is possible! Submit an impressive and doable appeal to Account Health for quick reinstatement.

Why AMZ suspends seller’s accounts?

Amazon Sellers

Poor seller performance

For Amazon sellers, account suspension is an issue even for non-guilty sellers. It is unexpected and the sellers often wonder why! Amazon bots scan listings in millions and suspend seller’s accounts if they find an issue in your performance.

The criteria that sellers need to fulfill for maintaining a healthy Amazon account includes –

  • 99% positive feedback
  • 1% defect rate
  • Fast customer response
  • 99% on-time delivery
  • > 1% cancellation rate
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Amazon is concerned about its own credibility and reputation, so a little setback in seller’s performance can directly affect their image.

Multiple accounts

Amazon Sellers

You can open multiple seller accounts but ensure to submit a request of approval from Amazon. If the bots detect that you are running several sellers’ accounts without approval, then they will flag your account. Therefore, the first question to ask Account Health is – ‘What’s the reason for ‘related account suspension?’ ‘What’s the related account name?’

Selling restricted products

Sometimes sellers unintentionally sell restricted products as they are unaware. Nevertheless, the Amazon A10 algorithm will tag the listing for certain restricted products you are selling and freeze it. You will be asked for more details. To avoid such issues, check labels before listing a product and even double-check the restricted products list.


Improper customer communication

If the seller communicates improperly after the purchase like asking for feedback or review, then it can trigger account suspension. Therefore, read the dos and don’ts of customer communication on Amazon’s terms of services to avoid getting a suspension.

Delays in shipment

Amazon Sellers

One metric Amazon uses to keep track is the ‘late shipment rate’. How many clients report shipment delays are taken into consideration? If the shipment rate is more than 4%, your account is at the risk of getting flagged.

High forged product complaints

Customers may feel scammed because the product they received does not fulfill the description. They report this to Amazon, which takes strict action. So it is crucial to practice excellent customer service as well as respond to their dissatisfaction as soon as possible.

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