When You Decide that Collaborative Law is Appropriate Choice

It is quite a massive decision for any couple to prefer walking a separate life path forever. However, if they have decided then the next step is to legally separate, which means applying for divorce. The couple can opt for any kind of divorce however if you want to settle the matter amicably then choose collaborative divorce.


You both need to have separate attorneys to negotiate, plan the proceedings, and prepare the essential documents. You can mutually agree to all the terms and settle the matters regarding your assets, child support, and custody before the divorce papers are prepared. All that needs to be done with the assistance of a lawyer who is specialized in collaborative divorce in Austin, Texas. You can consult, Thompson Salinas Londergan in Texas to have a collaborative divorce without enduring many difficulties.

People decide to have a collaborative divorce after considering various factors like:

  • It is the apt choice when both of them want to save money, and time and prefer to experience less mental tension as there won’t be any disputes.
  • Both trust each other to play fair. They may be parting ways but believe in each other. Thus, trust to solve all the matters regarding divorce without any dispute.
  • Don’t prefer to fight in court before the judge. People who don’t feel any major problem with their married partner’s suggestions can try this kind of divorce that solves any matter fast and even the final step of divorce ends fast compared to problematic divorces.


  • The couple is ready to part ways without much trouble and ready to sit out and discuss. It isn’t possible in abusive relationships to discuss any divorce issues peacefully, but it can happen in collaborative divorce in the presence of neutrals and lawyers.
  • When both of you are ready to settle the divorce matter outside the court. It is best for people who want to settle the matter fast and doesn’t have many issues to solve among themselves. They are ready to consider each other’s preferences and mainly feel that divorce proceedings shouldn’t have much negative influence on their life and their children’s upbringing.
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In short, collaborative law application for divorce is possible when you and your spouse are ready to cooperate with each other and peacefully part ways forever. Unfortunately, for many couples, this law doesn’t work due to varied reasons.

Top reasons why collaborative law isn’t suitable to get a divorce:

  • If you and your spouse don’t agree to sit and discuss the matter peacefully.
  • Don’t trust your spouse as you believe that the person always will prefer to harm you more.
  • When there is domestic violence or physical harm involved and your married partner feels to fight the case in court is a better idea.


An experienced attorney would help you to figure out whether collaborative law is applicable to gain a divorce from your spouse or not. Thus, call the best lawyers having years of experience in solving divorce matters in Texas at a faster pace. They will guide you to complete the divorce process favoring your requirements.


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