Whom Should You Contact in Amazon Account Suspension and How to Do It?

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Amazon seller account suspensions are extremely concerning for sellers. They can easily lead to the suspension of weeks or even months of no sale. It hits hard on those sellers who rely on Amazon as their sole source of income. Resolving the amazon seller suspensions is a tricky part. You must be cautious and patient!

Contacting the seller performance team is also difficult at times. Younglanes Amazon Appeal Services provides support to their clients in settling the account suspensions. Their experienced team prepares a POA that is tailored to your needs. Additionally, they make sure that your account suspension is removed within 24-48 hours.

If you find yourself stuck with a suspension, you must consider reaching out to them.

What is the Amazon Seller performance team?

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The seller performance crew of amazon reviews all the policy violations, suspensions, intellectual property claims, etc. whenever your account is suspended by Amazon, they are the ones who need to be contacted. Your appeals must be addressed to them and if the appeal is not properly addressed, it will outrightly be rejected.

Oftentimes, the seller performance team is confused with Amazon seller support. If you plan to stay in Amazon, you must learn the difference. The seller performance team inspects the accounts of sellers however, the seller support is for answering the queries of sellers which are of general nature. They do not deal with account suspensions.

How to reach the seller performance team?

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The seller support can be reached via phone, email, and chat. But a seller performance team cannot be reached by any other method except for email. You will have to inevitably write an email to them because they don’t have a phone number at all. The reason being, too many sellers get suspended. The team will be flooded with calls if a number is being provided.

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The seller performance team is directly related to amazon account suspensions. To contact them, the email must be concise, and to the point. Sending multiple inquiries and appeals is the worst thing that you can do. Amazon adores its patient sellers. If you are patient with your appeals, your voice will be more likely to be heard.


Amazon suspension Appeal process

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The process of appealing against the suspensions has been significantly truncated by amazon. Today, when you receive the warning by amazon or receive a suspension, you are required to complete a questionnaire and on a successful filling of the questionnaire, the account status can be reinstated. This new process takes lesser time as compared to the previous one.


Amazon account suspensions are undesirable by inevitable. Every seller has to face them at some point in their journey. However, this must not cause panic. Your approach must be coupled with an analysis of the problem and contended mindset. While writing the appeal, it is important that the appeal is addressed to the right department of Amazon.

Approaching the wrong department would be an exercise of futility and will cost you time and energy to no avail.


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