How Can You Choose from Church Candles Available for Sale?

When purchasing a candle holder for your church candle, you may like to consider its placement to avoid any mismatch with room decor. Your choice ensures the candle complements, rather than disrupts, existing decorations.

You can always buy such Orthodox Church candles from Candles Fantasy made from beeswax. You can select pure beeswax as candles needed for meditation.

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Why are candles lit in Orthodox Church?

Two types of candles are available.

  • Genuine pure beeswax
  • Paraffin wax candles.

Pure beeswax candles are generally made from the combs of hives, while paraffin wax candles are made from petroleum. However, while lighting in Orthodox Churches, pure beeswax candles are usually preferred.

It has the following few reasons:

  • Candles represent purity
  • A pure candle is supple
  • Candles are derived from the pollen of flowers having a sweet smell
  • Candles illuminate us from darkness
  • Candles light our virtues
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How to buy Church Candles?

Understanding specifics regarding church candles is critical to get the appropriate kinds for your ceremonies.

The following are some things to consider while purchasing candles for your church.

1. The type of candle

A variety of church candles are available, each serving distinct purposes. Votive candles, for instance, symbolize love and peace, making them suitable for special church occasions and prayer services. Understanding the role of different candle types is essential to use them appropriately.

2. The candle dimensions

Diverse church candles have specific roles. Votive ones, such as those representing love and peace, are fitting for special church events and prayers. Grasping the functions of various candle types is crucial for their proper utilization.

The scent of the candle

3. The wax material

Candles vary based on their materials. Beekeepers in the UK and Europe craft beeswax candles using natural components, whereas paraffin candles incorporate synthetic elements for simpler upkeep. Material distinctions influence candle characteristics and maintenance approaches.

4. The wick

For a candle to burn, a wick is essential. Selecting an appropriate wick—whether thick or thin—depends on your church’s requirements. Matching the wick to your church’s needs is crucial for optimal candle burning.

5. The candle colors

Candles are available in various colors, each conveying distinct symbolism. White candles, for instance, often signify purity and love while representing peace and spirituality on special church occasions. The diverse hues carry meaningful interpretations that enrich the atmosphere.

6. The scent of the candle

While certain churches use scented candles in their rituals, others avoid them due to congregational allergies. Considering these factors, it is crucial to determine the suitable candle type for your church. Understanding your church’s preferences ensures an appropriate choice.

7. The Church Candle Holder

Whether stationary or portable, diverse church candle holders are essential for your establishment, they are available in a range of shapes and sizes, catering to both carrying and fixed placement requirements, ensuring your varied needs are met.

Church Candle Holder

During religious ceremonies, quality church candles serve various roles. Tapers are passed from altar to congregation, symbolizing shared light.

Pillar candles adorn altars and fronts, while conical tapered spirals represent the Holy Spirit’s flames. Crucial is a reliable supplier of event-specific candles, ensuring suitable choices for meaningful occasions.


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