Top things to have in mind before moving on to paint your room

moving on to paint your room

Much before the painting procedure, you should make it a point to remove all the movable things out of the room. This would not only buy you time while painting but also makes the process a lot more seamless. As for the heavy things like furniture, it is the best idea to move them to the center of the room and cover them up as much as possible. That would make sure you aren’t hampering them with ugly paint marks.

Read on to keep in mind the next following steps

moving on to paint your room

  • Testing the shade of paint– For most cases, it becomes quite difficult to choose a color and even if you have chosen one, it is recommended that you test it on a side of your wall. Don’t buy the entire color content all at once. Buy just a small amount or say, a sample for the testing purpose. If you are convinced with the hue and the shade of the paint, you can move on further. This process eradicates the chance of any mismatch of the paint with your choice.
  • Experimenting– It is a good idea to experiment and try different shades for a particular room. A big room with high ceilings generally suits best with warm and dark color shades. Whereas, a small room with low ceilings looks best when paired with a subdued and light shade of earthy colors and gives a perception of airiness. To give your room an overhaul, you can experiment with different shades and finalize the one which you and your family members prefer the most. You can try the shades from NYC paint supplies.
  • The finish of the paint is important: It is highly recommended that you decide upon the desired finish of your walls and then proceed. If your wall is not smooth at all places and curvy at some, flat and matte paint is your best bet. It hides the irregularities in the walls pretty well. But the downside is, their longevity is limited and is quite prone to damage. If you are convinced that your walls are in perfect shape, then you can choose a glossy or silky texture of the paint. These kinds of paints not only look attractive but also are relatively easier to clean and to maintain.
  • Changing of paint: You might have seemingly chosen the perfect shade of paint for your walls, but once the full wall is painted, it might look too extravagant and something that might not age well over time. Thanks to the relatively cheap price point of most kinds of paints, you can consider changing it as well. NYC paint supplies make it easier for you to do that. You can simply put over two or more coats of the new paint over your old one and that would easily block the unwanted shade.
  • To determine the quantity of paint: It could be the worst case, if midway through a painting job, you find yourself out of paint. Similarly, excess paint is not really reusable. You should calculate your room dimensions beforehand and buy just that amount of paint which is really required. Also, based on your wall conditions you might want to buy more paint if the wall needs more than a single coat of paint.
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mind before moving on to paint your room

These were some points on how you can effectively paint the room without much hassle or frustration. Following these, you might find yourself at a better place before starting off the paint job. The preparations not only make sure that you are covered with all the essential things required but also save you time and money.


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