Outdoor Spaces to Check Out Near Arlington

Thanks to its proximity to Washington DC, Arlington has always always been a thriving area. Many of those working in our nation’s capital actually live in nearby cities such as this and that makes it easy to commute to wherever they work. Their work might involve looking to the past and examining our nation’s history or it also might be in politics where they are trying to shape its future.


Working in either of those fields means locals are going to need to find a way to relax and unwind in their off time. What better way to do that than by spending a little time outside. If you are in, or anywhere close to Arlington, you’ll have plenty of options for some quality time outside, and here are a few of the most popular places.

Mount Vernon Trail

Everyone that loves DC also knows they need a break from it. While they are getting a break from the city they work in, there’s nothing wrong with admiring it from a new perspective. The 17 miles that make up the Mount Vernon Trail allows walkers and cyclists to do just that. Of course, the DC skyline isn’t visible from every foot of this trail but there are still plenty of opportunities to see the city from a new angle and appreciate all the beauty it has.

When the city is not in sight, trail goers will be able to take in plenty of views of the Potomac River giving them sights to get lost in. If this sounds interesting to you, also take the time to stop and get lost in the nature around you. Even if you are there to get your evening run in, there’s a lot to miss if you only focus on what’s ahead.

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Arlington National Cemetery


Anyone taking a serious look at owning Arlington Real Estate must have a visit to this monument on the top of their priority list. While not a fun weekend activity, to understand a larger scope of our nation’s history, it is important to pay respects to those who have paid the ultimate price throughout our nation’s conflicts spanning its entire history.

Everyone buried here has a story, and for those looking to spend time outside, it is worth the visit to learn a new perspective on some of the most important parts of what’s shaped us. Visiting here can be a self-guided experience but there are also tours available for those looking to ensure that they take away as much as possible.

Gravelly Point Park

Few places are better than Gravelly Point Park when it comes to still feel like you are part of DC but now through a more idyllic lens. What pulls many locals to this park is having such a great viewpoint to see all the plans both landing and taking off at Reagan International Airport.


This is a perfect location for that picnic you’ve been craving and it’s also great to visit at night to see a view of the planes that is nothing short of breathtaking.


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